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Our company, “Wedding in Crete” handles all documents necessary for your civil wedding in Crete. We undertake the issuance of the licenses, the translations, the booking of the wedding ceremony at the Civil Marriages Office of the Municipality and the Decentralized Administration office of Crete, and after the wedding ceremony, we help you obtain all the documents needed so that your marriage is legal in your country. You will find a list with the required documents below...




Required Documentation for your Civil Wedding in Crete

  • A passport or other travel document 


  • A certified copy of the birth certificate. 


  • Letter of no impediment or single status, one for each spouse

Please note that the Certificates of Non-Impediment are issued by your local Registrars after a 15 days notice. and are valid for 3 months only. Therefore, you must make sure that their date of issue are less than 3 months before your wedding date. 

  • Irrevocable divorce decree (If applicable)

In case one or both parties has been divorced. 

  • Death certificate (If applicable)

In case one or both parties is a widower. 

  • Deed Poll certificate or Statutory Declaration (If applicable)

In case one or both parties has changed his name. 

  • Adoption certificate (If applicable)

In case one or both parties has been adopted. 

Please note:

All documents (except for your travel documents)  have to be proofed for authenticity by the 'Apostille' stamp.

All documents must be  sent to us no later than 7 weeks before your wedding date.

Every country has different documentation – so you should consult our agency before you get started

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