Some of the Awesome Weddings we have planned

Wedding in the Venetian Port 

Villa Wedding 

Wedding by the sea

Contemporary wedding

Middle-eastern style wedding

Luxury Wedding in Greece

Ioanna and Pascal Boho style

Olivia & Lucas's Anniversary dinner

Picturesque chapel wedding

Wedding on Luxurious Estate

Nikita's Wedding Proposal

Suprise Birthday Dinner 

Beach wedding in Crete

Cretan Summer Wedding

Sunset Wedding in Crete

Wedding in Villa

Group Wedding in Crete

Levander Wedding

Green Apple Wedding Decoration

Wedding in Crete

Flower Wedding

Unique Cretan Ceremony

Tailor Made Wedding in Crete

Wedding & Christening ceremonies

Wedding at a Winery

Sunset Wedding in Crete

Wedding & Christening ceremonies

Romantic Wedding in Grete

Lanterns Wedding

Christening in Crete

Picnic Wedding

Wedding in Chania

Vows Renewal in Crete

The Olive Concept

Traditional Wedding

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

All our weddings in Crete, Greece

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